About us

Traditional Irish bar in the heart of Dublin's Rag Trade quarter - Drury St. Home of the "Perfect Pint" and a hidden gem of a cocktail bar upstairs known as Ruby's.

Ciss Maddens Bar, located on Drury Street in Dublin ,is a traditional bar that pays tribute to its predecessor, the original Ciss Maddens Bar that started life in the kingdom of Kerry. Many years ago the bar was transported up to the capital  Dublin and  opened up in the southside of the city in Keily’s of Donnybrook . The  journey didn’t end there , the building was demolished, the bar was saved and is now located  on Drury street, The bar has a charming and nostalgic atmosphere that transports visitors back in time. The bar is famous for serving the perfect pint of Guinness, as well as a variety of other beers, wines ,spirits and a huge selection of Whiskeys. Upstairs, the stunning cocktail bar, Ruby’s, offers an elegant and sophisticated space to enjoy expertly crafted cocktails. Overall, Ciss Maddens Bar is a must-visit for anyone looking for a traditional, authentic Irish bar experience.